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I am a digital artist, and the Japanese Akita is my main focus. I do draw other breeds as well, although I stick to canines only. I started drawing a few years ago, but did traditional works back then until I got my first tablet. Art has ever since been a huge interest for me, and I have worked very hard to try and create a unique style of my own.

I always do my best in keeping the anatomy, fur colors and patterns as realistic as I can, but love the idea of giving my characters human accessories, like armor, swords, jewelry, ect. You will find a lot of this in my gallery if you take a look. I have a big interest in ancient Japanese culture, and have for a long time been fascinated by samurais and Japanese arts and crafts from the old days. If you have similar interests, and like the idea of canines in ancient style armor, then you might like my works :)

I have a huge obsession with the Japanese Akita, which is why my art is mainly focused on them. To me they are the most wonderful and beautiful beings that has ever set paw on the planet. I have a long coated red Akita in real life as well, named Toshi.

No, I am not a furry.

Thanks for visiting!

Current Residence: My home
Favourite genre of music: Black Metal, Metalcore, Death Metal
Favourite style of art: Traditional
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: HTC 10 (portable) MusicBee (computer)
Wallpaper of choice: Japanese Akitas <3
Well.. this midsummer didn't exactly go as planned. I eneded up att the emergency after getting shot in my left leg with a shotgun about one meter range. It was a complet accident, and my friend who held the gun wanted to show how a shotgun works and such. The was, the gun was defective, and no one knew about it at all. He fired off a few rounds just fine at first at a waterbottle taget a few meters away. The gun was really, really old. From 37 I believe. However, when he opened up the gun like you should when not using it for safety reasons, he was then going to insert two new shells, and what do you know... as soon as he closes the thing back togheter having his fingers nowehre near the triggers, the thing goes bang, and it recoils so much that it flies straight backwards off his hands. By the way, this person does have a license for the gun, hunting license and owns the hunting rights for his land. Right after the gun accidentally goes off, the blast hits me from the side right above my left knee, obvoisly causing my to fall down on the ground in shock. My friend goes into panik, sits down right next to me and presses with all his might against my wounds that bleeds like you wouldn't believe. My mother rushes of to get her phone and calls for an ambulance. The police arrives after about 12 minutes and takes over after my friend and wraps my leg in protective pads to help stop the bleeding. I was lucky to actually stay consious the whole time, but I don't think I can explain in words the pain, and the amount of blood I lost. My pockets became like balloons filled with my own blood... my only thought while laying sideways there on the grass with my head against a fence, was "this is it, my life i over".

It did not take long at all for the ambulances to arrive, and there were two of them, along with the two police cars. They did a fantastic job keeping me alive and not to mention, keeping me awake. I had to go to a speciallst hospital in Eskilstuna (about 70km from the accident place out in the country). They of course asked me the usual things on the way to the hospital, like what happened, my personal details and such. It only took a few minutes to arrive, and I remember going through the emergency doors leading to the operating table. There were lots of doctors there, ready to fix me. And they did, just in time too. It turned out, I was extremely lucly to have survived. Not many people will take a shotgun blas at that range and live to tell the tale... but I did. I survived, and it was all thanks to my friend, who emotionally collapsed after the accident and still ins't over it today. He was not at all to blame, the gun was defective and the police could comfirm after they tested it. 

When the surgery was done, I finnally woke up after a few hours. It all went by so fast I couldn't believe it was already done. But I didn't wake up the first time in perpefct condition of course. I could barely see at all, and wasn't too sure of what was going on around me. I remember there was one person in the room with me, keeping me company and monitoring me the whole night, untill I eventually fell asleep again. The next time I woke up, they had moved me to a different room, a ICU. There, once I woke up, I finally knew what was going on, and both nurses and doctors were there to tell me what they did, my current condition and what will happen the next few days. I get to spend one night there, and then get moved to a nornal patience room along with one other patience since I was no longer in need of the ICU. My family and roommate came to visit me all day, which was really nice. They visisted me whenever they got the chance to, since there are specifik times are you allowed to visit patients. I enjoyed the time I got to spend with my family and friends. And it turned out the ny friend who accidentally shot me just couldn't help but to cry every time. I have never seen a man so emotionally crushed before in real life. 

The next day, I get my second surgery done to clean up the wound and fix it up as much as they possible could. I have obviously spent all this time in a bed with my wounded leg on its own little supportbed. It doesn't hurt, but it does feel like its constantly asleep, like, badly. So it kind of stings a little from time to time, but not that it causes pain. I'm in a room now with two older gentlemen who are really nice and friendly to me, so right now I'm just waiting to get some exercise with my leg, so I can return home again and continue my recovery. 

This was my first true near death experience, and it will be a memory impossible to forget about. I will be getting one heck of scar on my leg for the rest of my life as proof of what I have endured and experienced. The newspapers here even wrote about this. And if you want to read the articles, just ask and I'll link them to you. They are in Swedish tho.

Until I have recovered enogh, I will not be working on any new art, which I think you all will understand with all. I'm still at the hospital, and it will most likely take months before I recover to the point where I can even stand up without cruthes. I will still read and reply to comments as usuall tho, so please, feel free to ask if theres anything sny of you guys want to know :)


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SheltieWolf Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, my friend! Grattis på födelsedagen! :party: :cake: :sing: :happybounce:
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GiftedWithdaForce Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Happy birthday. Hoping for that speedy recovery.
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Happy Birthday!
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Hello and thank you for faving! Rue Grin 
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